Consumer Law

1 de March de 2019

The area of Consumer Law at WZ counts on a highly specialized team who carries out preventive, administrative and judicial work, in the following scopes:
  • Preventively, in order to avoid individual and mass litigation. We work with the development of training for employees and customer services, as well as internal policies for compliance with the Brazilian Consumer Code;
  • We work together with the Contracts team to structure contracts and relations with suppliers and consumers, aiming to avoid the adjudication of conflicts, always observing the rights and duties of the parties involved in the consumer relationship and the legislation in force;
  • We support the clients in the development of recalls and managing liability risks, always in attention to any and all relevant social and environmental impacts;
  • In the administrative scope, we provide clarification and elaborate defenses before the Consumer Protection Services (PROCON), the Public Prosecutor’s Office, consumer defense stations, associations or other similar entities.
  • In terms of litigation, we support the clients in the reduction of risks involved in legal disputes, thinking about a joint strategy that meets their interests, wary of the image of the client before the market and the commitment with the consumers;
  • We work in partnership with the client to structure settlement policies, in the event of mass litigation, as a method for reduction of costs and control of risks.