Impact Businesses and Investments

4 de November de 2019

WZ is part of the movement of environmental and social impact companies and relies on professionals who actively participate in the sector and who are familiar with the challenges of peculiarities of impact investments and businesses. We have a multidisciplinary team qualified to support entrepreneurs, investors, intermediaries and partners of the ecosystem in a wide range of legal issues related to the business model, corporate structure, tax advice, methods for financing and contractual relations. Among the services we offer in this area, the following are highlighted:

  • Assessment of viability of the business model: tax impacts, corporate model, employment relations, contracts, etc.;
  • Legal support in structuring social impact businesses and investment funds directed to impact investments;
  • Legal support in several financing methods: direct investment, simple debts, convertible debts, equity crowdfunding, crowdlending, issuance of securities, etc.
  • Negotiation and elaboration of Social Impact Bonds;
  • Governmental entities and class entities relations for defenses in legal matters;
  • Monitoring bills and contributions in public hearings;
  • Elaboration of environmental and social governance policies (ESG) and analysis of risks related to environmental and social governance;
  • Elaboration of internal policies of sustainability commitments and environmental and social responsibility.
  • Analysis of statutes, rules and regulations related to sustainability and environmental and social risks;
  • Corporate training programs related to issues concerning human rights.